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P.O. BOX 22545
South Brook Post
Edmonton, AB T6W 0C3

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Phone: 780-490-4558

About Us

More than your ordinary daycare provider, Summerside Child Care Center is established to become an extension of the home and the child’s family, not merely a provider for services to keep children at stead during the day. Summerside Child Care Center is a licensed, recognized, and reputable child care center, offering high quality care for children 12 months to 7 years old.

The Summerside Child Care Center was founded by the wonderful couple Bala Rao and Indira Rao, parents of two children themselves. Indira is a former daycare teacher who decided to take up formal child development education at the local community college. She received her degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and has a Level III Certification in First Aid and CPR. Her venerable experiences with ECE comes a long way with her successful management and operation of the Little Otters Daycare in Leduc, Alberta. Now, she’s starting anew through her experiences, with the establishment of Summerside Child Care Center last August 2007.

Our Focus
The Summerside Child Care Center concentrates on molding confident, motivated, and independent men and women out of the curious little children in our family. To make this possible, we tune in our focus to problem solving, decision making, and self-help skills, while promoting interpersonal communication towards the development of their morale and self-concept.

Program Philosophy
Summerside Child Care Center utilizes the “whole child” approach in our learning curriculum. Not only do we strive to cultivate the mind but the overall development of the child’s potential physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially, fostering physiological and creative progression in the process.

Our Goal
Summerside Child Care Center aims to foster the development of the whole child through the use of the Whole Language Approach, combining reflective and pragmatic activities together to kindle and provoke his/her interests and develop the skills of listening, speaking and effective communication, viewing, dramatizing, reading, and writing.

The Whole Child Approach
To be able to accomplish our goals of developing the overall potential of the child, we have developed methods and techniques in engaging children through daily fun and learning activities that involve direct experiences than vicarious, taking a role in dramatic plays, experimentation, and active play where there are ample of occasions for interpersonal interaction. This way, children don’t only learn and develop to be book-smart, but also become people-smart. Establishing friendships in a learning environment is very helpful to make the child feel welcomed.

Parental Involvement
The Summerside Child Care Center also recognizes the primary role played by parents in the success of their child. At SCCC, we welcome parents to take part, participate in homeroom discussions, suggest ways for improvement, and even volunteer for assistance in any way possible. You will be given monthly access to our programs, activity calendars, and center menus. For those who have toddlers and infants in our care, you will be given daily reports of your child’s care day, detailing appetite, mood, sleep, diaper changes, and BM to keep you tracked.

Security and Staff Confidence
The Summerside Child Care Center campus is secured with a regular on-duty safety and security personnel. We also have a visitor log-in system to regulate the flow of visitors and to make sure only those authorized are allowed entry to the premises.

The teachers and caregivers of Summerside Child Care Center are all trained for Basic Life Support and CPR. They have completed the education and the training needed to suffice the needs of the child, facilitate learning, and maintain a healthy and warm environment everyday.

Talk to one of our representatives today for more information about us. You may also visit us at our location in:

Summerside Child Care Center
#1, 1109 Summer Side Dr.
Edmonton, AB T6X 0H5

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Phone: 780-490-4558 Fax : 780-757-2252

Day Care Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM