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Early Joys of Learning
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P.O. BOX 53593
Ellerslie RPO
Edmonton, AB T6X 0P3

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Phone: 780-490-4558

Welcome to Summerside Child Care Center

Summerside Child Care Center is all about your child and his/her next step towards success. We offer a dependable, secure, and child-centered environment where children are exposed to a variety of stimulus and experiences that encourage learning, participation, and the development of self-concept.

We have experienced child caregivers and teachers who will oversee the needs of every child and facilitate the flow of learning so that each day becomes extra exciting and special. We cater to little ones of age 12 months to 7 years.

Come visit us at the center so you can look around and witness our children at play. We follow a highly proven child-directed curriculum, learning by hands-on activities which allows the children to earn and learn from experiences firsthand.

Our programs are highly commendable, developmentally-appropriate, and cost-effective. Just what you need to jumpstart your child’s early learning today. Contact us now!